Personal Data Protection Act PDPA

Certified  Data Protection Professional (CDPP) Program – 6 week end programs conducted by  Naavi, the pioneer in the filed of cyber laws.


The 12 sessions are tentatively structured as follows:
Week 1:
1. Evolution of Privacy Law in India. (ITA 2000-ITA 2008-Puttaswamy Judgement.Etc.)
2. Understanding the Concept of Privacy and its relation with Data Protection
3. Applicability, Exemptions, Transitional Provisions
4. Data Principal’s Rights and Data Protection Obligations
Week 2:
5. Grounds of Processing
6. Transfer of Personal data outside India.
7. DPA and DPO
8. Compliance Obligations
Week 3:
9. Penalties and Offences and Grievance Redressal mechanism
10. Data Protection Challenges under New Technologies
11. Data Governance Framework
12. Interactive discussion
Since the Personal Data Protection Act of India( PDPA 2019) is presently before the Parliament
in the form of a Bill and may be passed with some amendments, it has been proposed that there
would a free extension session as and when the Bill is passed as an Act to cover the changes.

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