Digital Certification Services – Safe Stamper

Digital certification Services :

We need to certify that document was sent on that date and time from that IP address. Therefore, Maptech partners with Safe Stamper Service Maptech provides Digital certfications and generate evidences for any content published on the web . Maptech provides Digital Certification for the following internet content:

Digital certification Services – This is one of the legal compliance , many clients approach Maptech . They want to generate evidences when they correspond digitally. For eg, if a contract on PDF is to be sent by mail, they require a Third party certifying authority to certify the Sender that he had sent the mail with the document as attachment, The attachment will eb stamped with Date , time and IP address from which the mail is sent.

  • Document signatures
  • Sending of emails
  • Notifications with delivery confirmation
  • Public information on websites
  • Web browsing sessions
  • Certification of geolocated photos and videos.

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What is Safe Stamper Web?

Digital certification for website : Safe Stamper Web is an online service that certifies the existence of certain content online, the URL where it was published, and the exact date and time. It serves as a solid piece of evidence in cases of defamation, cyber-bullying, publication of content protected by intellectual property, non-compliance with the terms or conditions of a sale, etc. Please test and view a sample certificate

sample static web page certification

What is Safe Stamper Mail?

Digital certifictaion for Email : Safe Stamper allows you to easily certify your e-mail communications.When sending a message, just CC it to and you will receive a digitally signed and timestamped PDF with your e-mail’s content and headers.You can add as many attachments as you want (up to 15 MB )