Email Service without Internet

Email Service without Internet

Maptech offers Mail@Office mail server software which offers mail service for small businesses in single connectivity across the office

Provide email accounts to every desktop in your office network with the help of one POP3 account that supports aliases. (most common situation)
Multiple POP accounts of same or different domains to be shared seamlessly across the network without aliasing.
Collect and Consolidate emails from multiple email accounts: If you have multiple email (pop3) accounts, then you can use Mail@Office to collect mails from all email accounts and distribute them to one or more local accounts in Mail@Office
Intranet/LAN mailing : As Intranet mail server even if you don’t have a registered Internet domain name. Mail@Office server also works on a LAN (Local Area Network ) without Internet connection.
Mail@Office server also runs as a dedicated Mailserver similar to MS-Exchange, if you have a static IP address and a valid domain name.
Note: The above scenarios are just an example how Mail@Office can be put to use in your network. If you have any specific requirement please Contact us for a solution

Mail Server – Benefits to the Company:

If a company has LAN connectivity across the floors, the  mail server can be used as  Intranet mail server.

The employees need not be given browsing access, they will just check mails from Outlook Express or MS  Outlook.

The outgoing mails from emloyees can be sent as a copy to the CEO/Administrator as one of the Security measures.

Employees can be provided without any extra cost.

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