How to improve hiring efficiency?

How to improve hiring efficiency?

A consulting Service offered to CHROs by Maptech Consulting Service to improve hiring efficiency using AI based Application Tracking System. Hiring efficieny is not sifting through thousands of resumes. Hiring efficiency is about finding, engaging  and connecting with correct applicants

Talent Onboarding Made Simple
TOMS – Talent Onboarding Made Simple

5 Features of TOMS to improve Hiring efficiency.

Time  :       Searches and shortlists the best resumes  across various platforms to reduce  hiring time.

Transparency :       Builds trust with open  lines of communication between candidate and employer through instant chat and on line status updates.

Novelty  :        From video  interviews and voice-based hiring to integrated recruitment workflow. TOMS offers all the tools  required for modern  hiring.

Diversity  :     Hire and apply for blue. white and no collar profiles across a range of industries.

Reliability  :      TOMS offers background verifications through your vendor of choice.

TOMS is a HR Sofware designed to improve hiring efficiency of CHROs and Hiring Managers.

Whether you’re searching for the right job or that one-in-a-million hire. TOMS has all you would need for your specific needs. How does TOMS help CHROs and Hiring Managers?

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