identify security threats

The most dangerous  Security Threat : 

The most dangerous threat for any business is lack of awareness. Businesses ,no matter how small  require Cyber security awareness at every level. Each and every employee should become a responsible netizen when using the internet.The Business owners should also  seek guidance to bring this culture in their organization. They should consult a competent IT Security professional to understand the threats with respect to their business. The Business owner should be aware of the basics of Security threats –  Ransomware attacks, Phishing attacks, BYOD (Bring their Own Device) Risks, App frauds and Weak passwords.

To identify the threats for any business, we, Maptech Consulting, will conduct an audit which is otherwise known as Security Assessment. The types of Assessment to identify security threats we carry out are:

  • External Vulnerability Assessment – Identifies vulnerabilities from the outside-in.
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment – Identifies vulnerabilities on the inside the network.
  • Wireless Security Assessment – Identifies vulnerabilities within wireless networks.
  • Mobile Security Assessment – Windows/Android Mobile devices requires extensive security assessment
  • Physical Security Assessments – Identifies vulnerabilities in physical security.
  • Application & Database Security Assessment – Identifies Application software vulnerabilities.
  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment – combines all of the components together
Cyber Security Threats
Cyber Security threats

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