What is Cyberlaw Compliance Audit?

Our Approach to Cyberlaw Compliance Audit:

What is Cyber Law Compliance Audit?

Auditing the Manpower, Business Processes, and Strategic Decision making Processes in a Company and identifying areas of uncovered Cyber Law Related Risks.

Why Should Any Company Undertake Cyber Law Compliance Audit?

Not Checking Cyber Law Compliance in a Corporate environment is like running a fleet of trucks without ensuring if all Trucks are insured, emission tested, carrying proper registrations, or if all the drivers are carrying licenses, are aware of  road laws, or if the processes involved in recruitment of drivers or buying of trucks ensure that proper drivers are recruited and proper trucks are bought. The non compliance is like carrying a “Floating Risk”  that can any time crystalize into a liability.

Maptech team works with does  the following approach for conducting the Cyberlaw compliance

Naavi ITA Audit Peace Of Mind
Naavi ITA Audit Peace Of Mind


  1. We assess where you (especially your IT environment) currently are – we do this by assessments and questionnaires – having done this for many years now we know what questions to ask.
  2. We determine the IT laws that apply to your organization – identify risks and threat
  3. We then determine the gap between your reality and your compliance – by conducting a gap analysis and risk analysis
  4. We then recommend solutions that you can implement in order to comply – an Action Plan

Our Cyberlaw compliance Audit Includes the following:

Phase I – Info Security Assessment

Perform review of current set-up and validate the scope for Security Assessment activities. It included Applications and network infrastructure assets

  1. Define the periodicity or recurring activities and scope of non-periodic ad-hoc activities
  2. Perform security assessment of applications and network assets in scope.
  3. Deliver the report to relevant recipients including development team and client security team
  4. Document and track the status of issues. Govern the application team for closure of issues in defined timeframe. Conduct meetings and knowledge transfer sessions with development team to guide them for issue closue

Maptech Consulting Service is proud to enagage Naavi’s cyber law college team to conduct Cyberlaw Compliance Audit Cyber Law College specializes in such “Due Diligence Training” as required under ITA 2008 for difrerent levels of management and workmen level employee