IT Infra Consulting – Ability to deliver results

What is IT Infra Structure?  ?  IT (Information Technology) Infrastructure is a combination of hardware – physical and cloud , network, storage and software which helps any company to keep the business running. Maptech has been focusing  on Website, Email, Ecommerce and IT Security Solutions since the year 1998. These solutions handle data and information which are the most improtant assets of any business existing today.

Customer Service and Innovation

Customer Service and Innovation are the two key driving factors for a consulting business to deliver results.

Chennai based turnkey solution provider, Maptech, with its more than 2 decades year experience, is generating results using this approach to address on demand challenges of its clients in all verticals.

Whe you  purchase a product or service, you expect a quality with reasonable price and great after sales service. This is what any client expects out of their vendor or Consultant. Maptech learnt when  many of the IT vendors in the market  tried to promote their product or service technically which was difficult for a owner of a business to understand.  This is where Maptech as a consultant fills the gap.

Deliver  Results –  Customer for Life and Innovation:

a) Maptech LISTENS to a customer to understand its business and challenges. Designing a solution which is easier to be followed by all levels of employees in a company.

b) Maptech focuses on innovation  to solve any IT challenge of a customer. A classic example is when Maptech offered mail server product when it started its business in 1998. When garment and leather export businesses wre struggling for a sustained internet connectivity from VSNL and searching for an alternative for Microsoft Exchange, Maptech and  PPPindia jointly introduced a hybrid software product mail@office, an easy to use mail server. This tiny product with few KB in size  offered to export companies had  all the salient features  they could enjoy in MX exchange.  Employees in an office need not have Internet access to use email. Just a single PC can have Internet access for the Mail@Office software to access your remotely hosted email. This product proved its quality with reasonable price and prompt after sales support.

This type of  Customer centric approach set the base for “Customers for Life” Philosophy.

Personal Competencies of R.Sridhar, founder / CEO – to drive  Maptech Consulting Service as a successful consulting firm to deliver results.

Maptech follows a Value system which is the key driver to deliver Results

  • Integrity – Transparent in transactions, walk the talk
  • Respect – Understand the Customer’s pain points whether it is IT or Non IT. Manage a continuos cycle of client engagement
  • Customer-first attitude – Dont Push any product or Service Even if it can be solved with a simple solution  free of cost, Maptech offers that service
  • Performance focused – setting initial meetings with key decision makers of  a business, ability to convey the problem and explaining the deliverables in a persuasive manner

Maptech  effortlessly builds ethical and transparent partnerships with its principal vendors  like PPP Infotech, O3M, SEQRITE, Naavi, FGRADE   to offer IT Infra Solutions and Security Consultation to business of any size, be a Kirana shop or an enteroirse like a  Bank.

Maptech has been managing more than 500 customers since its inception and managing Business Class Web Hosting and Mail hosting Servers to provide perfect IT security solution to every scale of business at every point of time. Maptech has been delivering Website Email Ecommerce IT Security Services to its clients on AMC Model for more than 2 decades The AMC Model and Hoilstic support services sets Maptech apart from the  competitors in the industry.

  CIOReview 2017 – Maptech is one of the most Promising IT Security Resellers
CIOReview 2017