Retailer Dealer App

Retailer Dealer App in Android

Retailer Dealer App developed on Android can be used by a wholesaler / Distributor / Company.. We deployed this project for  a Tea manufacturer. The tea manufacturer wanted to promote Tea on subscription through Retailers of a town.

The Retailer App has the following features

1. Admin Module
2. Retailer Module
3. Subscription Module
4. Payment Gateway Integration
5. Courier Module

I. Retailer Dealer App – Admin Module :

will be operated by Management (web based)
a) Dashboard – showing Subscription summary (Signups, Activations, Cancellations, Active
Customers, Billed Value – last 1 week )
b) Organization Settings – Company Name, address and Logo, GST details
c) Users and Roles, Access Rights
d) Templates – Email Notification

a) When Subscription signed up (Thank you for enjoying [Tea Product Name[ Your
subscription details have been updated and are right below for your reference –
Subscription ID, Plan, Billing Frequency, Recurring Price,Next Renewal Date)

b) Offline Payment (Cash Receipt) –
e) Templates – Email Notification
f) Product & Price Master – Product Name, Quantity, Price
g) Subscription Plan Master – Plan Code, Frequency, Plan Amount
h) Customer (Subscriber) Details – Retailer Code, Customer Code, Name, Address, Email ID,
Mobile number, Subscription Plan, Activation Date, Subscription Status.

Retailer Dealer App – Retailer Module :

It will be operated by Management (web based / Android – Hybrid)
a) Retailer Registration (Registration Code, Name, Address , email, Mobile Phone -login with

Retailer Dealer App – Dashboard features

No. of Subscriptions , Active, Cancelled, Revenue collected
Subscription Module : (Mobile/Hybrid)
a) New Subscription (invoice)
b) Future Subscriptions
c) Subscription Term
d) Payment mode
e) Adding a one time addon
f) Applying a coupon
g) Changing subscription details
h) Cancelling a subscription, Reason for cancellation
i) Reactivating a subscription
j) Reactivating an expired subscription
k) Deleting a subscription

Payment Gateway Integration in Retailer Dealer App

Card Processing, Thank you page for the customer, Redirect URL

Subscription  process in Retailer Dealer App :
1) Signups
2) Activation
3) Active Customers
4) Cancellations
5) Renewals
6) Subscription Summary
7) Activations by Dealers

Daily Report in Retailer Dealer App

Revenue generated Summary – Cash, Cheques, Credit cards
Dealer wise Collection

The App can be customised for any business with Wholesaler-Dealer Model.

Retailer Dealer Android workflow
Workflow – Double click the image above
Retailer Dealer App - available in Google Playstore
Retailer Dealer App – available in Google Play Store
Retailer Dealer App - Login Mobile number with OTP
Retailer Dealer App – Login Mobile number with OTP