Top reason to go through an IT compliance audit

Top reason to go through an IT compliance audit

Not Checking Cyber Law Compliance in a Corporate environment is like running a fleet of trucks without ensuring if all Trucks are insured, emission tested, carrying proper registrations, or if all the drivers are carrying licenses, are aware of  road laws, or if the processes involved in recruitment of drivers or buying of trucks ensure that proper drivers are recruited and proper trucks are bought. The non compliance is like carrying a “Floating Risk”  that can any time crystalize into a liability.

Non compliance of ITA 2008 could result in adverse consequences on the organization and its key executives and impose civil and criminal liabilities.

A part of this “Due Diligence” is manpower training on ITA 2008 and its implications.

Cyber Law College specializes in such “Due Diligence Training” as required under ITA 2008 for difrerent levels of management and workmen level employees.

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